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%3E Want to help with Events\Decision?
 Posted: May 20 2014, 03:22 AM
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If you are thinking of signing up for the team to help with Events/Decisions please read this information and decide if you have the required skills.

General requirements for team members:

- Up to 8 weekly spare hours to work on the mod.
- Knowledge of Paradox games and especially Hearts Of Iron 3.
- Knowledge of using Skype + having a microphone for conferences calls.
- Decent English skills including typing and speaking - A lot of Skype conferences are being conducted.
- Ability to work in a team and help other team members if they need it.
- Knowledge of using Notepad++ (its really easy)

Job specific skills:

-Knowledge of Hearts of Iron 3 events and decisions structure.

This means that you have knowledge of how events and decisions are handled by the game. What modifiers you can use with evens and decisions and how they effect various aspects of the game. What each modifier does and how it can work with other modifiers to reach the desired effect.

-Previous work with writing events and decisions.

If you have previously worked on a mod this is a big plus. If you have only created events and decisions to alter your own game you will be asked to show examples to determine your skill and knowledge of writing these.

-Time and knowledge to test decisions and skills.

Each decision and event created will require careful testing to make sure it responds the way it is meant to. You will need patience and time to make sure it works by its own and in general game concept without damaging other aspects of the game.

-Being able to work with a dynamic schedule and changes to the mod.

As the research team comes up with new finds you will have to adjust to these requirements and know how to integrate them into the game. These changes can be rapid and come again and again, you will have to make sure each change you make is reflected correctly in the game and does not damage other elements of the mod.

If after reading this info you want to sign up to be part of the Events/Decisions team please send a private message to: PlayerHOI

-Your name and forum username.
-The job you are applying for.
-Previous experience (if you have it)
-How much time you can devote to the mod.
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