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%3E Want to help with Online Administration?
 Posted: May 20 2014, 03:21 AM
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If you are thinking of signing up for the team to help with Online Administration please read this information and decide if you have the required skills.

General requirements for team members:

- Up to 8 weekly spare hours to work on the mod.
- Knowledge of using Skype + having a microphone for conferences calls.
- Decent English skills including typing and speaking - A lot of Skype conferences are being conducted.
- Ability to work in a team and help other team members if they need it.

Job specific skills:

-Good computer skills.

If you know how to turn on your computers that's fine but here you will need to know a bit more, if you do then you are on the right track


If you have been a moderator or an administrator of a website\forum in the past this is a good start. Except for deleting posts made by spam bots you will also need to know how to bring life to the forum\site and make sure all the data on it is relevant, up to date and easy to access.


If you have been an administrator of a website and a forum you can sign up for this role. You will be asked to tell us a bit about your previous sites that you administrated and what was your specific role there. Since you will also have access to all sections of the forum\website we will take on people who know the job and can take it one step further then the casual posting of an announcement\lol's topic.

Except for being the administrator here on this forum you will also be tasked with looking after the topic on the Paradox forum and the subforum for Modern Warfare. Make sure all info there is up to date with the info here and the ModDB page and so on.

-Cross platform work

With modern warfare gaining more and more popularity it is inevitable that we will open up a Facebook/YouTube page and other platforms may also come to be part of reaching as big of an audience as possible so you will need to adjust yourself not only to working with platform you know but new one's as well.

If after reading this info you want to sign up to be part of the Online Administration team please send a private message to: PlayerHOI

-Your name and forum username.
-The job you are applying for.
-Previous experience. (if you have it)
-How much time you can devote to the mod.
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