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%3E Want to help with Historic Research?
 Posted: May 20 2014, 03:20 AM
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If you are thinking of signing up for the team to help with Historic Research please read this information and decide if you have the required skills.

General requirements for team members:

- Up to 8 weekly spare hours to work on the mod.
- Knowledge of Paradox games and especially Hearts Of Iron 3.
- Knowledge of using Skype + having a microphone for conferences calls.
- Decent English skills including typing and speaking - A lot of Skype conferences are being conducted.
- Ability to work in a team and help other team members if they need it.

Job specific skills:

Knowledge of data sources – If you come on board as a researcher you will have to know where to look for the info. We will not give you all of it on a silver platter but obviously sharing your findings and sources is encouraged. Besides having data sources you will need to make sure they are legitimate and that their data does not conflict with other data sources so that historic events can be modeled as accurately in the mod as possible.

Extracting relevant information - As a member of the research team you will have to learn the assigned subjects carefully to be able to answer questions from the development team. Modern Warfare is a very ambitious project and part of that is attention to details no matter how small they are. For example, if a dev approaches you and asks you to extract information about a particular battle\war you will have to be able to provide the dev with the info as well as sometimes elaborate further.

I am not asking anyone to memorize the entire Wikipedia but you should be able to study a subject and be able to come up with info about it when asked. Note that you can be asked to provide research in many areas some may be more interesting then others but you will need to provide the same level of information on each of them.

If after reading this info you want to sign up to be part of the Historic Research team please send a private message to: PlayerHOI

-Your name and forum username
-The job you are applying for.
-Previous experience. (if you have it)
-How much time you can devote to the mod.
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