Replying to My AAR as The Netherlands after about 6 years
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timasaurus007 Posted on Apr 25 2015, 01:18 AM
This isn't really a traditional AAR, more like feedback for the mod.
MikeH Posted on Apr 11 2015, 10:55 PM
So, I played as The Netherlands. Modded the files a bit to make them more playable. I added leaders, airbases and so on.

Some of the things that come to mind after playing:
- Love the map, but it's a shame it has less provinces of my beloved country than in the vanilla version.

- So yes, the non permanent UN members. Playing as The Netherlands I was part of that group, but only got to vote on a bill regarding the territory south of Morocco.. Do like how a lot of events work, but I still think the UN should be their own faction. With the non-permanent UN members supplying it with troops for peacekeeping missions (to protect Kosovo for example, the only region I believe is in direct UN control). For example: an event could be good where the player faces the choice of:
1) sending expeditionary troops to the UN: +30 relations with a couple countries - gaining a small dissent penalty (political opposition parties love to bash the government for supporting 'peacekeeping' missions). I guess it would provide some difficulty of how to get your troops to the UN 'hotzone'.
2) not sending expeditionary troops to the UN: -25 diplomatic penalty with a couple countries + government party losing support
3) provide logistical, medical and financial support to the UN: -100 fuel, -100 supplies, -100 money. +10 relations with some countries.

- When I first started in the 2000 bookmark, I noticed that the US and Brittish were having some serious supply issues and weren't getting anywhere in Afghanistan. After a couple weeks/months in game, the war just wasn't progressing. I decided to end the stalemate by declaring war on Western-Afghanistan (Taliban) and won, the Taliban made way for a democratic government. After that, the US -still at war with Western-Afghanistan- suddenly refound the initiative and won the war.

- After that the militias keep on pupping up, VERY frequently. The problem is just that they are too weak. The militias the Taliban/Western Afghanistan fields against the USA actually make you fight for it, but the rebels that spawn after defeating Iraq/Afghanistan are very weak. You just attack them and you get the message that you won the battle with 0 casualties on both sides.. Not really insurgency 2.0

-That reminds me.. maybe, to make it a bit more fun to play as a NATO members, would it not be possible to make an event where NATO members can actually choose if they want to join the US in their attack on Afghanistan or Iraq? Otherwise an ISAF related event? The NATO countries did send their troops to Afghanistan and well basically there's nothing else going on for the moment..

- If you start at the 2003 bookmark, the invasion of Iraq works just fine. But I also remembered (when starting at the 2000 bookmark) that the Iraq war triggered, bringing USA and Iraq to war. But after a few months still nothing happened, no US/British/Australian troops in Iraq.

- Great work on the tech stuff, but I can't wait untill you guys add names for the tanks/planes etc. I tried to do it myself once, but failed miserably.

- I believe I saw a province in Afghanistan called Bremen (?!) and I think I saw some more unusual names in the South of the country.

So yes, I do understand this is a beta still. You guys did great work so far, but as a whole I felt like I just sat there while nothing really happened. I did expand my army a bit and so on, that was good, but it feels better to put your 'new' army to the test Also, I saw some gramatical errors in the Dutch names. If you need some help with that, feel free to contact me.
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