Read this BEFORE reporting a bug
Please Follow these rules before reporting a bug:

1) Bug reports are posted as threads within this forum section. They require an explicit and plain title which summarises the issue. You are advised to search for existing bugs not to duplicate reports. For the sake of clarity, each bug needs to be described by its own thread. This "Bugreports" section acts as a list of known issues.

2) Users are discouraged from bumping threads: all reports will be reviewed, and a feedback - however laconic - will be provided to all queries. Duplicate reports will be deleted.

3) It is essential that whoever reports a bug indicates what the actual, undesired, effects are and how to reproduce the issue. If the means to reproduce the issue exceed a few simple steps, you are asked to provide a saved game. Screen shots will generally help; especially to pinpoint interface glitches. A screenshot though is not always sufficient to determine how to replicate the issue.

4) In the case of game balance discussions, it is obviously required that users understand the game's inner workings and argue as to why changes may be needed and in which direction. An articulate post about game dynamics, supported by facts and figures, is always a pleasant read.

5) Whenever concerns of historical nature are raised, the proposed changes need to be supported by historical research and references.

6) Compatibility issues and crashes need to be reported within the "Gameplay Bugs" section where you will be asked for game logs and hardware configurations.

7) As saved games are often a requirement to illustrate bugs, you are able to post these as attachments within this specific forum section. You will need to compress saved games; archives such as "zip" or "rar" will serve that purpose. As threads are closed, saved games attachments are cleared; so not to meet your maximum quota.

9) Issues reported while playing with mods will be ignored. As every bug needs to be reproduced, it is not feasible for reviewers to track which and how other mods alter expected behaviours. Please bear in mind that this is not a discouragement to play mods, it's a consideration which is exclusive to bug reporting. One needs to reproduce bugs with vanilla versions; even those spotted while playing mods.

Thank you.
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